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Student Applications

  • Fill in and return the Application Form, Open Letter and Medical Form together with the processing fee.
  • Your application will be assessed and a decision taken as to whether or not a Prospective Week can be offered to you; if not, the processing fee will be returned. If a Prospective Week can be offered, suitable dates will be agreed.
  • You attend the Prospective Week at Brockwood (for which there is a fee to cover boarding costs) and participate in a full programme of studies and activities.
  • After the Prospective Week you return home and the School decides whether or not it can offer you a place.
  • If a place is offered and you accept, a deposit is then due within 6 weeks.

The Prospective Week

As a student applying to Brockwood, this week allows you to get a first hand experience of what the School is like while allowing us some time to get to know you. We can then decide whether or not this is the right place for you. During your prospective week you will share a room with one or two current students and you will be given your own programme of classes and outdoor activities. These will not necessarily be exactly matched for your proficiency (you may find some of them easy or challenging), they are not tests nor what you might actually do should you join, but are intended more as a chance for you to get to know staff and students and the range of opportunities Brockwood offers.

Your prospective week is normally arranged in September - November, or the end of January to the beginning of June (excluding the Easter holidays). We require prospective students to arrive at Brockwood by 7pm on Sunday evening, in time for the School Meeting at 8.00pm, which marks the beginning of the school week. You will leave the School the following Saturday morning. The exact dates for the week are confirmed once you have told us your preferences.

For an insight on how 4 of our prospective students found their prospective week, please follow this link:

Our Decision

At the end of your prospective week one of the Co-Heads will meet with you to discuss how the week has gone and to see how you feel about the School. You then return home and shortly afterwards staff and students meet to offer feedback on your application. No decision about your application is taken in this meeting. Due to the high volume of applications received and prospective weeks held, we now have a policy that all prospective students are informed of the decision at the end of the term in which they stayed. For example, if your prospective week was held in the Autumn Term, you will be notified in December. The Co-Heads make a decision based on all the information they have and you are informed by letter and email of the outcome.

Your Decision

If you have been offered a place at Brockwood, we then ask that you let us know within a given time whether or not you wish to accept the offer. If you accept, a deposit is due within 6 weeks to secure your place in the School.


For further information, please use the contact form here.

If the classes are small and the teacher can give his full attention to each child, observing and helping him, then compulsion or domination in any form is obviously unnecessary.

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