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A Typical Day

In a school as small and dynamic as Brockwood, the daily programme is often varied, but here is a typical agenda for a working day:

7.50 amMorning Meeting (a quiet meeting) in the Assembly Hall
8.00 amBreakfast
8.35 amMorning Jobs and Morning Group: Both students and staff assist in the cleaning of the school or attend a meeting at which topical issues in the school are dealt with
9.10 amMorning Assembly for the whole School in the Assembly Hall
9.30 amClasses: four 55-minute periods each morning with 5 minutes of break in between classes
13.30 pmLunch: the main meal of the day. Students and staff members share in washing the dishes after meals
3.00 pmClasses, Physical Culture, or both, every afternoon
4.45 pmTea: snacks and drinks provided
5.30 pmActivities, meetings, classes, rehearsals, study
7.00 pmSupper: a light evening meal with salads and a hot dish
8.15 pmHomework, dance classes, presentations, documentaries
9.30 pmQuiet in the house
10.00 pmThe day ends: all students in their own rooms for the night


What is the Morning Meeting?

Each School day begins with the Morning Meeting. Students and staff sit quietly for 10 minutes in the Assembly Hall. The intention of Morning Meeting is to begin the day quietly together and to encourage self-reflection.

What is the Morning Assembly?

One student, mature student or staff share daily for about 5 minutes something they're working on, thinking about, or reading. This is followed by 5 minutes of silent contemplation.

What is the food like at Brockwood?

We take a great deal of care preparing meals, which are all vegetarian. Wherever possible, organic ingredients are used from our own large organic vegetable garden. Students assist in the care of the garden, helping with the planting and harvesting and the food is very good.

Where will I be living?

In general, the girls live on the upstairs floors of the main house or in the left wing of the Pavilions and the boys live in separate building called the Cloisters or in the right wing of the Pavilions. (The Pavilions are a seven interconnected boarding accommodation.) Teachers and other staff members live side by side and look after the students living in that area.

When does the weekend happen?

Brockwood has the unusual arrangement of a Tuesday and Wednesday weekend - some students also have classes on Wednesday afternoons. This came about for historical reasons: when the school was very small, visiting teachers used to help by coming here to work on their weekends. We have continued with the arrangement because most of our students cannot go home on weekends, due to the distances involved, and we have since found that trips to shops, galleries and theatres are best taken mid-week to avoid the crowds.

Can I go out on the weekend?

Students may leave the grounds on the weekends to visit the nearby cities of Winchester and Petersfield. If they are under 16 and wish to go further afield for the day, they must have the written permission of their parents. If they wish to stay away overnight they must have permission both from their parents and the Pastoral Co-ordinator.

What is the Tutor System?

This is a well-established system of pastoral care in which each student is given personal attention and assistance by a staff member. The tutor is responsible for the overall well being of the student, and it is often through this relationship that students are encouraged to explore the deeper intentions of Brockwood and the bearing these have on their lives.

Education in the true sense is helping the individual to be mature and free, to flower greatly in love and goodness. That is what we should be interested in, and not in shaping the child according to some idealistic pattern.

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