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The Courses

For a small school, Brockwood offers a wide variety and large number of courses. Each year new courses are added and some of the old ones removed, according to demand. The core subjects are always on offer and the following provides a glimpse of our approach to the different disciplines:


In addition to English as a Second Language, two other languages are always offered in the School, at present French and Spanish. It is not unusual for someone at Brockwood to speak two or three languages and, because there are so many nationalities, those studying a language can usually find a native speaker happy to offer some practice.


We have a global outlook in the humanities. We encourage students to come to their own understanding of social, economic, political and religious issues through rigorous and informed reasoning and creative thinking. Classes are designed to facilitate discussion and there is always attention to the student's individual needs and questions.

Mathematics and Science

We feel that it is important for our students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the intellectual achievements and insights that underlie the course content of these subjects. We want students to learn the necessity for clear, precise, orderly thinking rather than simply to master mechanical procedures to solve problems.


The art programme aims to deepen the student's understanding of authentic creativity through inquiry and experimentation. Activities are designed to explore and develop visual skills, but we are more concerned with attitudes and craftmanship than with producing a certain kind of art product.

The Performing Arts

Dance, music and drama have an international flavour at Brockwood and permeate the life of the School. As with much else that happens here, students play a major role in determining the focus of these classes and sometimes take sole responsibility for an entire production. The performing arts present excellent opportunities for students to overcome inhibitions, gain self-confidence, develop new skills and work together towards productions that are a feature of every term.

Care for the Earth

The Care for the Earth programme encourages the cultivation of a genuine sense of caring for, and understanding of, the wider natural world. All students participate in this during the academic year and it involves both practical work in our organic vegetable garden, plus an exploration of the wider dimensions of caring for the earth through the study of human ecology. In the latter we explore the current challenges and opportunities facing us as a species regarding our relationship with the ecological world, engaging with issues such as: climate change, species extinction and global inequality.

Physical Culture

Brockwood's programme of physical education is called Physical Culture. This introduces students to various aspects of care for the body. Physical Culture classes help increase the frequency and diversity of physical activities by involving students in a range of activities, including cardio-vascular exercise (swimming, running, cycling), to develop heart and lung capacity; games (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, squash) for reflexes and teamwork; strength and flexibility exercises (yoga, callisthenics, or body awareness) to improve posture, physical grace, and sensitivity.

Books are important but what is far more important is to learn the book, the story of yourself, because you are all mankind. To read that book is the art of learning.

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