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Bursary Application

At Brockwood we wish to ensure that young people from throughout the world are able to participate in the unique educational experience offered here. We recognise the importance of providing bursary assistance to deserving students who otherwise would be unable to attend the School, and we are committed to finding annual funds for this purpose. Brockwood offers bursaries on a discretionary basis and The Bursary Committee is responsible for these decisions.

  • We do not send out Bursary application packs until a student has been offered a place at Brockwood Park.
  • Worthiness for bursary assistance is based on consideration of the following criteria: the general character of the student; his / her sensitivity to the ethos and intentions of the School; his / her expected contribution to the life of the School; the apparent benefits he / she will receive / is receiving from being at the School; the financial situation of the family.
  • Preference for bursaries is given to returning students and the granting of full bursaries is kept to a minimum.
  • Bursaries are only granted for one academic year at a time, but where the criteria for assistance are continuing to be met and funding is available, The Bursary Committee endeavours to continue to provide assistance from year-to-year.
  • A new application must be lodged by the parents / guardians each year.
  • Applications for bursary assistance must be placed by the parents / guardian, of the applicant and must include a Statement of Financial Position, plus the names of two referees.
  • Applications for bursary assistance should be lodged with the school by the 31st March (for returning students) and 1st June (for new students) for the following academic year.
  • The Bursary Committee will notify applicants of their decision by 28th April (in the case of returning students) and by 30th June (in the case of new students).
  • The Bursary Committee makes all decisions concerning the granting of bursaries. The Co-Heads of the School are responsible for appointing members of the Committee.

For further information and a Bursary Application Pack, contact the Admissions Officer.

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